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intouch Finance Wollongong provides the full suite of financial services and products for both the business owner and the individual.

On behalf of business owners, Paul McCreanor at Intouch Finance Wollongong has negotiated transactions with large family organisations, boards of private company’s, the not for profit sector and with CEO's of publicly listed company's.

For the individual, Intouch Finance Wollongong is a non-bank home loan provider and a real competitor in the Australian Home Loan market.

First Home Buyers can be confused about deposits, genuine savings, equity, debt consolidation and borrowing capacity. We break it down into easily understandable portions and even if you are not ready to buy a house, we will help you put a plan in place so you can work towards buying your own house.

Upgrading, Moving or Downsizing houses, then talk to us.  With a large number of lenders on panel to choose from, we will find you the right loan for you now and also take into consideration any future plans you may have. Just remember, it is not always about the cheapest interest rate! 

Investing or want to know more about investing in property, then our knowledge may help you decide if it is the right course of action for you. Even if is just explaining how Interest Only loans can work for you, explaining cash flow from an investment point of view or looking at long term investment scenarios - we can do that for you.

SMSF - Self-Managed Super Funds - we can't give you advice on whether it is right for you, but we can source the right loan that buys the property.

Equipment Finance, Commercial Finance and Business Finance – Intouch Finance Wollongong are specialists in obtaining the right finance for your company. We understand the importance of cash flow and structuring commitments that are aligned to your cash flow.

Financial Advice- we do not provide financial advice however we have a long-term relationship work with a firm that does. They provide independent advice and act as advocates for the investor. Intouch Finance Wollongong provides the introduction only.

Risk and Life Insurance- we do not provide advice on risk, term life, income protection and life insurance however we have a long-term relationship with a firm that does. They provide true independent advice and act as an advocate for the individual. Most importantly when you need to make a claim and that being the time you require the most assistance, they will be in your corner, to support and process your claim. Intouch Finance Wollongong provides the introduction only.

Get intouch with Paul and the intouch Finance Wollongong team for a complimentary consultation by completing the enquiry form below or connect with us by phone, email or online.

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