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intouch Finance has our own range of home loan products as well access to over 40 of the most competitive home loan providers across Australia.

At intouch we commit to inspire, educate and provide better financial solutions for our clients.

We do this through our network of community based finance principals who have the experience and qualifications to help clients stay intouch with their financial dreams. 

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  • Peer-to-peer lending: How you can leverage this space

    It’s a relatively new concept, but peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is certainly making waves in the finance industry at the moment. P2P lending is useful for many borrowers (and investors), so if you’re in the market for a new personal or business loan, it could be worth looking into.


  • Creating a budget can help you save more or spend less

    This is where the education aspect of my role kicks into gear because as the old saying goes, to get ahead you have to earn more and spend less. For many the option of earning more is sometime difficult to achieve, comprehend or put into action and if you don’t know where the money goes, how can you spend less.


  • Banks turn up the heat on invetsment loans

    In essence, the banks are looking to play their part in curbing what many believe to be an “overheated” property market, by reducing their lending ratio’s on investment loans especially in Sydney and Melbourne.


  • In Business, Cash is King

    The most challenging aspect of owning a business is being able to generate the cashflow to keep the doors to operate a sustainable busienss. The well known phrase such as “Cash is King” refers to the importance of a business having a healthy financial position.


  • Business Banking Manager turns to Mortgage Broking

    What advice would you give to a business banking manager who is thinking about becoming a mortgage broker?


  • Why this first home buyer is very happy

    At a time of considered debate around the property boom and the difficulty for first home buyers to enter the market it is nice to share a case study that may provide some guidance and hope for people in a similar position.


  • Does your financial planner have an Adviser Rating?

    In the blog we highlighted the launch of Adviser Ratings and how it was not only timely but a much needed service as many of us have been trying to navigate our way around the complexity that is financial planning.


  • The 5 questions Real Estate Agents need to answer

    What are the top 5 questions all property owners should ask a real estate agent when they are looking to sell their property


  • How do you know if you have the right Financial Planner?

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could access a central register that included the qualifications each financial adviser, their level of experience, how they perform and a rating system from their existing clients. Yesterday’s launch of the independent Adviser Ratings service has been described as a game changer for the financial planning sector and consumers.


  • What is the cost of doing business

    The well publicised Federal Government report into the Australian financial system released an interim report in July 2014. This is the first such inquiry in over 2 decades within Australia


  • What is the real cost of refinancing

    For example, let’s look at a loan of $300,000 over 30 years at say 5.5% with the monthly principal and interest repayments being $1703.37pm.

  • Own your own budget.

    The recent budget handed down by the Federal Government reinforces the importance of taking control of your own budget and financial position.

  • How to save thousands when buying a new car

    Every now and then you come across something that just makes perfect sense and therefore worth sharing.

  • Can business finance help me grow my business?

    Romantically we have all had the dream of running our own business. The notion of making money for YOU and your loved ones as opposed to someone else is a comment I hear regularly.

  • Are you aware of the changes to the Australian privacy laws?

    The major changes centre on the ability for licenced credit providers to be able share information with each other.

  • Do you know what your credit rating is like?

    One of the key questions intouch Finance Principals ask their clients is if they know what their credit rating is like?

  • First home buyers can realise their dreams

    Imagine growing up in the capital cities of Australia with the great Australian dream of buying your first house. Is it still a dream or fast becoming a nightmare?


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